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Budget Travel Guide


6 Suggestions for Traveling on a Budget



Many people decide to forego a vacation as it'll be too expensive. This is unfortunate as you'll miss out on some fun time with your family, and your children won't have the chance to see the wonderful sights the world has in store. It's essential that you're thrifty when planning your next holiday so you avoid getting into debt after you come back from your trip. If you follow these budget travel suggestions, your next holiday will still be fulfilling and will not be too expensive.


Plan ahead of time This is the first rule for saving some money on your travel. If you plan well ahead of time, you can save tons of money on accommodation. It's those who procrastinate until the last minute who often end up paying way above premium rates for having waited until the last minute to make reservations.


Go to your favorite holiday destination in the off-season. Of course, in some places, that might mean arriving during months of huge bug infestation, or before the start of the monsoon season. Keep off these destinations. But some destinations are just as amazing during the off-season, and you'll get incredible deals on rental cars, fares, and hotels. Additionally, the destination won't be crowded, so you'll easily see the sights. 


If you're traveling by car, ensure that it's been tuned-up properly and it's in tip-top shape. There are a few things more annoying and costly than having your car fail at some Godforsaken place and need a hard-to-find part. You can read the WorldVentures review for more details.


When renting a car, try and be less choosy about it. Don't just opt for the most fashionable car with features you don't need--it's always more important to save money, so opt for a budget car. Shop around to get the best deals on rental cars, so you don't end up having to settle for what you're given, and have a chat with the dealer before agreeing to a contract.


If you're traveling by air, try and be flexible about the times of arrival and departure. This could be hard if you're going with your kids, but if you are not, making some concessions on your air travel will be good for your wallet. Opt for a no-frills, budget airline, eat before you board the plan so you aren't pressurized into buying expensive snacks, and be willing to take two stopovers (such flights are often less expensive than direct flights). Know more about budget travel in


Check out a few travel sites for last-minute fares section or special deals. They often have incredible deals that might just fit your budget for travel. However, you really have to be flexible about departure times because you need to be prepared to go the next day thanks to those budget-friendly last-minute fares. Check out the WorldVentures back office if you have questions.